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Idli or Dosa Batter

Per 32 oz 5$

Mutton Korma

Per 16 oz 11$

Fish Kolambu

Per 16 oz 13$

Ragi Batter

Per 32 oz 6$


Per 32 oz 10$


Per 16 oz 5$

Customer 1 Glen Allen, VA

" Idli's are so good. Sambar and Chutney tastes so good. "

Customer 2 Glen Allen, VA

" Kothu Parotta with Mutton Korma tasted very good. Parotta tasted exactly like restaurants in Madurai. "

Customer 3 Glen Allen, VA

" We bought Idli and Dosa batters. I have tried many brands, but Mellow Kitchen's batter is so fresh and Idlis came out really well. "

We are Mellow Kitchen

Emphasis is placed on preparing meals from scratch using whole, unprocessed foods. This approach allows for greater control over the ingredients, flavors, and nutritional content of the dishes.

Beyond the environmental benefits, Mellow kitchen often promote holistic health by focusing on nutrient-dense, natural foods. This approach recognizes the connection between food, well-being, and the environment.

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